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GlowDrive: Custom Light Show on the Go

GlowDrive: Custom Light Show on the Go

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Illuminate Your Drive: Bluetooth App Programmable LED Car Sign

  • Customizable Displays: Create personalized messages, patterns, and animations, or sync with your favorite music via a mobile app.
  • Easy Control & Adjustment: User-friendly app to effortlessly adjust brightness and speed, suiting any environment.
  • Eco-Friendly & Vibrant: High-intensity RGB lamp beads for a dazzling display with low power consumption.
  • Simple Installation: Flexible circuit board with a USB plug, easily installed with included 3M tape.
  • Durable & Portable: Lightweight design, IP66 waterproof rating for resilience in various conditions.
  • Versatile for All Occasions: Perfect for daily commutes, car shows, trade shows, or festive events.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Choose the best fit for your vehicle to enhance its look and visibility.

Drive in style and make a statement on the road with our Bluetooth App Programmable LED Car Sign! 🚗💡🌈

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